Historic Home Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Historic Home Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

New Canaan historic home in New Canaan CT. Kitchen remodeling company Kitchen Traditions are experts at historic home remodels.

Maxwell E. Perkins House at 63 Park St.,  New Canaan, Connecticut
Built in 1836, it has gone through renovations many times

Renovation and Preservation Can Work Together

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in a historic home is crucial to improving its livability and the quality of life for anyone there. However, it also brings a responsibility to preserve original structural elements and comply with town regulations if the home has landmark status.

Our name, Kitchen Traditions, says it all.

We understand and have a deep respect for Connecticut’s rich architectural history.

If you own or are about to buy a historic home, one of the most important reasons to choose a local Connecticut kitchen and bathroom remodeling company like us is our expertise in this area. Renovating historic structures involves additional considerations and requires specialized knowledge.

When your home is landmarked, remodeling plans often need to be submitted to town officials for review and approval. If you talk to a contractor who doesn’t mention this, ensure that you do. Starting a project without the needed approvals leads to headaches, delays, or worse.

Peyton Randolph Bishop House in Bridgeport, CT. Kitchen remodeling in historic homes require special permitting

The Peyton Randolph Bishop House at 135 Washington Ave, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Kitchen Remodels in historic homes like this are crucial for improving residents’ quality of life and livability.

Secrets Behind the Walls and Under the Floors

Blueprints drawn for a CT kitchen remodel by Kitchen Traditions. Renovating kitchens and bathrooms in historic structures often requires an understanding and investigation of what lies behind the walls and under the floors. Modernizing electrical and plumbing comes to mind first. But other decisions add to the beauty and quality of your renovation.

  • Removing old plaster to expose historic brick, wood beams, etc.
  • Structural reinforcements to support new kitchen cabinets
  • Leveling and reinforcing subfloors before installing tile
  • Addressing insulation and correcting water-infiltration issues
  • Replacing rotted or deteriorated wood

Bathroom renovations in CT can be even more detailed in historical homes because you often replace a bathroom squeezed in long after the house was built. Spaces can be smaller, and specialized fixtures and fittings are required to improve functionality and elegance.

Historic Kitchen and Bath Design Service

We’re renowned for creativity that few Connection kitchen and bathroom designers can match. We’re also experienced in designing new kitchens and bathrooms for historical homes. Every landmark house is unique, and we understand how much it matters to have each detail handled correctly.

√ Computer-aided software that lets you view your new kitchen on screen and see alternatives has vastly improved the process. We work with advanced systems and have custom cabinet resources if needed.

Our thorough design process merges your tastes and preferences with what fits in a 200 or 300-year-old house. It takes knowledge, research, and creativity to arrive at the perfect solution, and we’ll work with you until we arrive at the ideal solution. It will enhance your home and add function and convenience.

Laptop with software for designing kitchens. Remodeling company Kitchen Traditions does kitchen design plans.

Ready to Learn More About Our Services?

If you want to learn more about how to remodel a kitchen or bathroom in a historic or landmarked home in Connecticut cost-effectively, please call or contact us online. We provide a no-cost or obligation initial consultation that includes visiting your home to see your kitchen.

Kitchen Traditions is an established home remodeling company with years of experience in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, and elsewhere in the state. We are dedicated to outstanding customer service and unmatched value, which means a great price for the best quality.

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