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Newtown, CT Kitchen Remodeling Company

A beautiful kitchen is an asset whether you have a colonial or contemporary home, historic or more recently constructed. It adds value to your home and makes daily life more enjoyable. If you’re ready to learn more about renovating, we’re a Newtown kitchen remodeling company equipped to help.

New cabinet and countertop options come onto the market every year, offering excellent values for a high-quality look. Our designers are on top of trending materials and can show you how to enhance your kitchen (or bathroom) in the style of your choice at a price that fits your remodeling budget.

We’re also known for outstanding customer communications, which is different from some of our local kitchen and bathroom remodeling competitors. When you work with us, we’ll keep you in the loop at every step of the process. We also maintain excellent relationships with the industry’s leading suppliers, offering you a wide range of options with favorable delivery and exceptional pricing.

Outstanding Kitchen Design is Our Signature

If you’re comparing among the best kitchen designers in Newtown, we strive to stand out. We begin with a thorough aesthetic understanding of traditional and contemporary kitchens and end with the utmost respect for your family’s needs — how do you use your kitchen, and how can we make it function better?

Maximize space with a bathroom or kitchen remodel, Newtown, CT.
Maximizing space
Newtown kitchen remodeling floor plans in Connecticut.
Floor plans with better flow
Cabinet and countertop installation in Newtown, CT.
Cabinets and countertops with precise fits
Our Newtown kitchen remodelers use durable materials.
Durable materials that last
Install kitchen and bathroom lighting and backsplashes that enhance your Newtown, CT home.
Backsplashes and lighting that enhance

Your home reflects you, and a custom-designed kitchen makes life more enjoyable and works better. If you’ve been struggling with a kitchen designed for a previous owner, you’ll be amazed by the improvement a new design will make. It’s something you’ll use and enjoy 365 days a year.

Newtown’s Most Popular Kitchen Styles

What kind of kitchen is best for a home in Newtown? We often hear this question, and the answer depends on your needs and tastes. There are many styles and substyles, but the three most popular are traditional, modern, and transitional.


Traditional kitchens draw on our architectural heritage and the things we love the most. They have a warm, comfortable, inviting, and often elegant appearance that’s familiar. In Connecticut, it’s common to use cabinetry and hardware that reflect our area’s rich history and colonial beginnings.


Modern kitchens, sometimes called European style, are sleek and functional. They use space effectively and can include a futuristic feel to the cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Recessed or hidden lighting with LED technology is a part of many modern kitchens with high-end finishes.


Transitional kitchens are popular for many families and their homes. They combine the best design elements from traditional and modern styling to fully take advantage of both. When you choose a transitional design, we can personalize it to you in a thoughtfully planned layout.

Regardless of which style you choose, it’s essential to do it well, and that’s where Kitchen Traditions comes in. Our years of experience and strong design background assure you of the optimal look to enhance your home and increase its value – kitchen remodeling is an excellent investment.

We’re a Local Company in the Community

Our goal is simple: to provide the best kitchen remodeling Newtown CT has to offer. When you work with chain stores or national companies, they’re about cookie-cutter looks. With us, you have a local contractor who knows the community and understands its needs.

We’ll get to know you and listen carefully to your needs. It results in a more enjoyable design and installation process that’s about you. We’ll do our best to work quickly and neatly in your home while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We’ll install your new cabinets and countertops precisely.

Our initial visit to your home to discuss your needs is complimentary.

Deciding to remodel your kitchen or bathroom is a big decision that deserves to be made carefully. You’ll hear about your options, different budget levels, and our recommendations for your home with ample time to consider them. It’s the difference you’ll enjoy with our local designers.

Do You Have a Showroom?

As time-saving and helpful as websites and cell phone pictures are, nothing replaces seeing things in person. That’s why we’ll invite you to our showroom to see sample kitchens with all the elements on display. We’ve seen many clients update their choices after a showroom visit to browse.

  • Cabinet styles and finishes
  • Door and drawer hardware
  • Manufactured and natural stone countertops
  • Tile and flooring options

A showroom visit follows initial design proposals and is important to reaching your final decision. We have a range of options for you to consider at various price tiers. It’s also helpful to select cabinet finishes and match them with your preferred countertop type and color.

Newtown kitchen design process in Connecticut. Newtown kitchen remodeling. Newtown, CT remodelers.

How Do You Design Kitchens?

Our kitchen design process is computer-aided and uses 3-D imagery so you can virtually walk through your new kitchen. It helps you visualize cabinets and appliances in place and understand the floor plan. Because maximizing space when adding new elements is important, we help you see how things fit.

The initial visit to your home includes expert measuring. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling relies on precise fits based on measurements and the product dimensions as ordered. We carefully consider all the variables, especially in older and historic Connecticut homes known for irregularities.

Do You Remodel Bathrooms?

We’re also a Newtown, CT, bathroom remodeling company. If you’d like to upgrade your bathroom, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of working with us. Our expertise in cabinetry and countertops will give you a bathroom design perfectly suited to your tastes and needs.

Walk-in shower installation, Newtown, CT.
Walk-in showers
Freestanding bathtub installers in Newtown, Connecticut. Bathroom remodeling, Newtown, CT.
Freestanding tubs
Water saving fixture installation, Newtown, Ct.
Water-saving fixtures
Install mirrors and vanities in your Newtown bathroom. Remodeling company, Kitchen Traditions.
Elegant vanities
and mirrors
Get state-of-the-art bathroom lighting installation, Newtown, CT.
Get state-of-the-art bathroom lighting installation, Newtown, CT.

Some of our customers remodel their kitchens and baths as part of a general home upgrade. They add equal value to your property, provide an excellent return on investment, and improve your daily life. If you call us for an estimate on renovating your kitchen, don’t hesitate to inquire about bathrooms.

Our Bathroom Remodeling in Newtown CT

Bathroom renovations and upgrades add to your home’s value and improve your quality of life. You’ll be impressed by the difference a new shower, tub, sink/vanity, and toilet will make.

No matter if your bathroom renovation project is big or small, we’ll come up with options that match your needs. Our bathroom designers will get to know your preferences and listen to your needs. What results is a Newtown bathroom remodeling process that is tailor-made to fit your needs. We work quickly and efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards, with your satisfaction as the main focus.

Visit our bathroom showroom in Danbury if you want to consider different options.

Remodeling your bathroom is always a good idea. We listen to your needs, consider your working budget, and come up with designs and recommendations that will improve the value of your home.  Providing the best bathroom remodeling Newtown CT has to offer is our second specialty.

Kitchen Remodelers in Newtown, CT

At Kitchen Traditions, we strive to be the top-rated kitchen remodeler in Newtown, CT, and we prioritize your complete satisfaction. With unmatched design, outstanding value, and the area’s best customer communications, we make kitchen and bathroom remodeling less stressful.

If you’ve already had proposals from other home remodelers, look at our ideas and pricing before you sign with anyone else. Let us show you the upgrade we can provide at a surprisingly affordable price. We’ll improve our daily life and increase your home’s value for less than you may expect.

You’ll enjoy many advantages when you go with local people who know the area. Call or contact us online today!

More About Newtown, CT

We design and install kitchens in Newtown, which is located in Fairfield County, CT, and part of the Western Connecticut Planning Region and Greater Danbury metropolitan area. The town was established in 1705 and is located between Bethel, Southbury, Monroe, and Brookfield. Local landmarks include the flagpole on Main Street, the Newtown Meeting House, Hawley School, and Edmond Town Hall. Several parks are in the area: Dickinson Park, Treadwell Park, and Collis P. Huntington State Park. The town is covered by four zip codes – 06404, 06440, 06470, and 06482 and is comprised of several communities, such as Sandy Hook, Rocky Glen, Hattertown, Dodgingtown, Botsford, and Hawleyville.

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