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Monroe, CT Kitchen Remodeling Company

A beautiful, functional new kitchen improves any home, whether colonial, historic, contemporary, or recently built. It makes your home nicer to live in and increases its value. If any of these things are on your mind and you’re ready to renovate, we’re a Monroe, CT, kitchen remodeling company at your service.

Before you make any decisions, it’s wise to learn more, and we’re experts in new cabinet and countertop options. Our designers are all about value, which means you pay the least for the highest quality. Our expertise helps you improve your kitchen (or bathroom) for a price within your remodeling budget.

There’s another advantage to working with us: communication. We’ll keep you in the loop at every step, and we know you won’t find this with most other local kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies. Our excellent supplier relationships also work to your advantage. They give you access to the best materials at excellent prices and with priority delivery times.

Enjoy Better Kitchen Design with Us

As you shop and compare among kitchen designers in Monroe, please keep in mind what we offer. While others may install kitchens with a cookie-cutter approach, we have a refined aesthetic understanding of traditional and contemporary kitchens. We’ll ask about your family’s needs, what you like/don’t like, and how we can improve things.

Maximize your space with bath & kitchen remodels, Monroe, CT.
Making the best use of space
Monroe kitchen remodeling functional floor plans, Connecticut.
Floor plans that improve function
Precise countertop and cabinet selection in Monroe, Connecticut.
Precisely selected cabinets and countertops
Our Monroe kitchen renovators use material that are durable & long-lasting.
Materials that are durable and long-lasting
Install custom kitchen lighting, flooring, and backsplashes for Monroe, CT homes.
Flooring, backsplashes, and lighting that enhance

You’ll enjoy your home more when it looks better and meets your needs—and a custom-designed kitchen is an important piece of the puzzle. When a redesign improves your kitchen’s reflection of your style and lifestyle, it’s an improvement you’ll enjoy daily.

Monroe’s Popular Kitchen Design Options

What’s the most popular kitchen styling for a home in Monroe? Making the right choice for your house makes it more beautiful and increases its value. Today, there are three design styles that are most popular—traditional, modern, and transitional—and they can be adapted to suit your tastes.


A traditionally designed kitchen connects with our architectural heritage and includes the best-known and loved styling. The idea is familiarity with a warm, comfortable vibe. In Connecticut, we often use cabinets and hardware with a colonial inspiration in rich woods and antiqued metals.


Modern-designed kitchens, often associated with European styling, have a sleek functionality that’s effortlessly elegant. This design style is about efficiently using space and tapping into futuristic cabinets, counters, and appliances. Recessed and LED lighting often complete the look.


Transitional kitchens are increasingly popular in our area because they combine traditional and modern elements. With guidance from our skilled designers, you can combine modern and traditional elements uniquely to suit your tastes and needs. We show you how to incorporate everything you love.

Take your choice or request a substyle of any of the above, and we’ll be ready to assist you. At Kitchen Traditions, our design expertise allows you to maximize your kitchen remodeling investment with styling you love and a layout that works – in a way that will increase your home’s value.

A Creative, Locally Owned Company

Our people live and work in the communities we serve and strive to provide the best kitchen remodeling Monroe, CT, has to offer. We work hard to do better than chain stores or national companies that are all about the same look for every customer – we’re local contractors who understand the community.

One of the things you’ll notice and benefit from most is our commitment to listening and understanding your likes and needs. We’ll make the kitchen design process enjoyable and minimize stress when it’s time for the installation. Our people work neatly and carefully to minimize disruption in your home.

You’re making a big decision to remodel a kitchen or bathroom. We understand and will be with you every step of the way. We’re local designers who will give you a range of excellent options, show you different budget levels, and provide recommendations about the best solutions for your needs.

Do You Recommend a Showroom Visit?

We want to show you the “best of the best” in person, and a visit to our showroom is the optimal way to do it. Viewing our sample kitchens will help you make better decisions about what’s right for your home. Our display and sample kitchens represent many styles and options to spark your creativity.

When you visit our showroom, everything is on display, and you can see items from design proposals in person before you decide. Items at various price tiers and quality levels fit within your budget. It’s also helpful to match countertops and cabinets with in-person samples.

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How Does Kitchen Design Work?

We design kitchens with a process that takes advantage of technology, such as 3-D images and computer-aided design, which allows you to walk through your new kitchen virtually. You’ll see everything in place, including appliances, to help you get a feel for the floor plan and how things fit together.

The layouts are based on measurements we’ll take during the initial visit to your home. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling requires exact fits and concise planning. We take precise measurements to ensure layouts that maximize every square inch of space, taking special care in historic Connecticut homes known for quirks and irregularities.

Will You Also Remodel My Bathroom?

Along with our top-rated kitchens, we’re also a Monroe, CT, bathroom remodeling company. When you work with us to upgrade your bathroom, you’ll have the same advantages. We’ll create a design ideally suited to your tastes and needs with elegant fixtures, cabinetry, and countertops.

Comfortable enclosures and custom walk-in showers, Monroe, CT.
Safe & convenient step-in showers
New freestanding bathtub installation in Monroe, Connecticut. Bathroom remodeling, Monroe, CT.
The newest freestanding tubs
Water-saving fixtures for sinks & showers, Monroe, Ct.
Fixtures that conserve water
Installation for stylish mirrors or vanities, Monroe, CT. Bathroom remodeling contractor, Connecticut’s Kitchen Traditions.
Unique vanities & mirrors
Monroe underfloor heating systems for bathrooms, Connecticut.
Underfloor heating for bathrooms

We often remodel kitchens and bathrooms at the same time, or you can work with us on one or the other. The property-value enhancements are similar, and as long as you live in your home, you enjoy all the benefits of the upgrades. It’s easy to take measurements and give you a proposal for both.

Renovating your bathroom provides an immediate improvement in quality of life and, as noted, increases your home’s value, meaning you get an excellent return on your investment.

Kitchen Remodelers in Monroe, CT

Kitchen Traditions was founded with the goal of becoming the best kitchen remodeler in Monroe, CT, a distinction we strive to earn every day. We do it by combining outstanding design, value, and customer service from a local company that makes kitchen and bathroom remodels a pleasure.

We encourage you to shop and compare our proposals with those of other home remodelers before you decide. We’re confident you’ll find our design and pricing better than anyone else’s, as we provide exceptional kitchen and bathroom upgrades at impressively affordable prices.

When you go with a local company that knows the community, you’ll benefit from many advantages. Call or contact us online today.

More About Monroe, CT

We provide home remodeling services, including kitchens and bathrooms, in Monroe, CT. Monroe is located in eastern Fairfield County and is part of the Greater Bridgeport Planning Region. The town was incorporated in 1823 and is not far from Trumbull, Shelton, Newtown, and Bridgeport. Monroe is on the edge of the Lake Zoar reservoir, created by the Stevenson Dam on the Housatonic River. It is covered by the zip codes 06468 and 06491.

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